Fox Lake- Titusville

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    Titusville Florida
    Well, got to the lake this mornin ready to load the boat up with cats.
    Has been approx three years since I fished this lake, actually have been looking forward to checking it out since they drained it and dug it out a couple years ago. Today it has a good growth of lillypads scattered about and around the edges.
    I was interested in the canal that connects Fox Lake and South Lake to the north. Weather predictor said winds out of the WNW, Ha, reality was NNE and blowing right down the canal.
    I set out a few lines with shrimp and cut mullet, NADA. Moved on up the canal and finally landed a nice little 14" cat, later, pulled in a nice med. crappie. Was trying to sprinkle a bit, thunder in the distance, breeze picking up. I moved a couple more times then decided to head back to the lake before getting caught in the approaching rain.
    Caught a couple bowfins (mudfish), one a pretty good sized fella, they sure are a pretty fish, solid and strong fighters.
    After that loaded up and brought her to the house.
    Not a big day but, finally got to check out the lake and bypassed the skunk.
    Have a nice day,