Four locks on the Potomac River

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    two sundays ago me and two guys from work went to four locks to do some fishing hoping for catfish i was .
    the whole day was a complete olaugh or die day we got on the water at 7am and i turned to fish finder on and since it isn't like mine i held the button in for about 2 seconds which turned it on ( did i mention that it was deminstrater mode ) so 30 ft from the bank we were in 55 ft of water since we was never on the potomac on a boat never thought to much i just said boy it's deep here . and fish were everywhere at 37 ft 16 ft and 24 ft and they stayed at that depth for 6.5 hours untill i told them that somehting wasen't right and turned the finder off and back on we were setting in 15 feet of water . i caught some cats 3 all around 16 -18 inches was looking forsomething bigger so threw them back my buddies caught a couple bass and a couple perch which my friend ( the boat owner put on a stringer on the handle on the back of the boat so at the last stop when he pulled anchor he also pulled the stringer loose and so now we have no fish no anchor and i'm laughin he was mad hit some underwater structure and cracked his transom ( wood )

    so all in all a fun fun trip not alot of fish but alot of laughs ( now ) .

    hoping to try williamsport or maybe big slackwater before the years over anyone have any suggestions on those areas .

    thanks ,