Found 2 holes how should i fish them??

Discussion in 'LOCAL MISSOURI TALK' started by Riverwalker, Feb 25, 2009.

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    hey guys i went out this last sunday for a few hours to explore the grand river behind my house with my new depth-finder. about a 1/2 mile down river i found some riffles shallow enough i coudn' t float wver them but i did locate a 17 ft hole in front of these riffles. oh ya let me step back and say that the channel where i am at for the most part is runing an average of 6ft deep with the sides next to the bank average 2ft to 3ft deep. on my property the channel is going about 8ft to10ft with the sides staying the same. i'm not sure what that means for my bank fishing but would like your opinion on that! ok back to the holes. up river about 1 1/4 miles i found this unique pool about 60 yards long that was between 8ft to 11ft deep. i guess thats a hole?? it is that deep almost bank to bank also. no channel it is all deep. also before this pool i went a little ways where there was no channel it was all 2ft to 3ft deep so there is this pool and then this shallow i didn't go past the big pool i just checked it out and then turned around. i was wanting to know if i found something to be exited about when spring gets here and maybe some help on how to fish these holes. SORRY FOR THE BOOK but i had to ask this. i need your opinions and advice PLEASE how do i utilize these spots??
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    I would definitely fish the riffle in front of the hole at night.

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    How deep is it on the top end of the hole that is in front of the riffle? If it goes up to a shallow flat I would fish that at night. On the Grand your probably going to be after more flatheads and channels then blues I would expect. If I was you I would fish the top end of the holes during the day. Toss your bait into the ripples and let the current take your bait down into the hole. At night I would fish shallow flats above the hole's. Making sure there was good structure around as well.
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    Chris, did you notice both Doug and Josh both mentioned fishing the riffles… channels will concentrate just below such areas feeding there… That’s where I would fish… Get to know the river up and downstream… Look for those holes, trees in water or any currant breaks, check em out and fish em… if you find riffles, fish where the riffles are flowing into, you’ll catch lots of channels there.:wink: