"Foul" sausage-an old country secret

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    When my relatives got off the boat from Czechoslovakia in 1879, they brought with them a secret stink bait technique I will reveal to you now. You need chicken guts. Specifically the small intestine (find the gizzard and whack off the length of gut that's behind it that you want.) Finding a live chicken, let alone one with guts can be difficult nowadays. Any large fowl will work. You can go up to ostrich size gut if you use bale hooks for your terminal line. Ostrich gut is extremely difficult to find. If your neighbor finds you in his hen-house, tell him you are just stealing eggs and not the whole chicken. Please don't shoot the neighbors prize peacock. Now that you've got the gut, the fun really begins-we're gonna stuff this puppy ala deer sausage. Stretch out the gut and fill it with your favorite stink bait recipe. You will need a syringe, pastry applicator, or shortly Ron Popeil's new stink bait fabricator-applicator. Once he knew I was writing this secret up he decided to market a gut stuffer-buy 2, get one free for $8.35 plus S&H. Get Ma's new Cuisinart, the one she's gonna make your favorite cookie dough up in. Really grind up your ingredients well so it is soupy and will fill your casing easily. Two words of caution-DO NOT do this when Ma is home. (Your name will appear prominently in the National News, equivalent to Don Imus.) Secondly, DO NOT overfill the gut and let it blow up in your face and beard. Two things can happen. Your dog will refuse to lick your face when you go to feed him, or your supervisor will throw you out of work next day. (Maybe a good way to get a day off-actually a bonus, you can go fishing.) Fill the gut up, section into the lengths you want and you are good to go. These can now be marinated in your favorite brew and frozen for later use. Clearly label these packages and bury them where your wife can't see them in the freezer.
    The finesse part of these goodies is that they can be Texas rigged, Carolina rigged, drop-shot rigged, "Wacky-worm" rigged, Saudi Arabia rigged (That's where you cover the bait with a burkha and make the fish guess whether what's underneath is good lookin or ugly.) A truly universal, ethnically diverse bait technique-From Rednecks to Muslims. You can use J hooks, Kahle hooks, circle hooks or bale hooks or safety pins. If you hang em' in a tree branch when casting, don't despair. A cormorant will come along-catch him and use his guts.

    If you've run over your rods-Tie some strings around your ankles, roll up your pants legs, wade the river and "noodle" em' when they bite at your ankles-watch out for snapping turtles. Good luck and really enjoy that next fishing excursion. Thanks-Postbeetle.
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    Slow morning, John?:lol:

    I never put anything in the freezer I wouldn't be proud to see on my plate at some later date. Ya just never know.:eek:oooh:

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    A cajun seasoning syringe should work just fine.
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    sounds like a good idea i may have to try that next time i kill a bird.
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    I caught a couple of nice cats last fall on goose guts the evening of duck/ goose opener. I didn't even have to stuff them with any thing, by mid day they stink bad enough. I firmly believe in bird guts for cats. The nice thing is they don't come off the hook.
  6. I know it doesn't rhyme or have flowery verbiage but, by golly, that there son is one of the most perty poems I've ever had the good fortune to wrap my cognative essence around. If I hadn't had somthing in my eye I might even have wept a tear for the sheer beauty of it all .... and it's useful too.

    Two thumbs enthusiastically up.
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    Dont think Jimmy Dean will market that though!