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    so far since living in ga. fort stewart has been the only area i have fished and it is horrible for cats as far as im concerned. i am new to catfishing but i know there is better then what they offer on fort stewart. now for bass, that is a different story, i've found alot of luck on spinnerbait icluding an 9Ib. Lm bass out of pond 28 so far your best bet with cats that ive seen for catfish is to get as far away from fort stewart ponds as possible......has some great crappie and also a good spot to pick up some shad before you go out for some monster flathead on the river or lakes....
    the ponds are all man made and are in training areas so sometimes its hard to be able to fish these ponds and also you might want a truck the tank trails can be rough on a car....the best ponds i have found are
    ponds 1, 17, 26, 28, 30, and for pond 30 that is a great pond for the kids, it is stocked with channel cats once a yr. for a kids fishing event and will help your kids pull in some cats, bass and crappie....
    i hope this information is helpful to anyone that was or is planning a trip on or around fort stewart and dont forget to hit up pass and permit for ur fort stewart fishing pass it is an army base and they do have strict rules...
    other than that "sit back, relax, and cast a line"
    ur friend