Fort Sill/Lawton area

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    I was stationed at fort sill for 3 years and didn't pick up cat fishing until literaly my last week at fort sill before i moved to Fort Gordon GA. I've had a lot of luck down here in GA from using homemade baits/sardines/bream/and pretty much anything else. Well i'm taking a trip back to Ft. Sill/Lawton area here in about a month. I was wondering if anyone here has any insight into fishing on the base or in the lawton area. For GA you can use pretty much whatever you catch for bait in the same body of water you are fishing in, can you do the same in oklahoma? I know between missouri and oklahoma there are some huge cats just lurking around i aint gunning for the bigens unless they wanna dance with my rod. So if anyone has any insight into the fishing on base or off i prefer on base but if all yall got in off base thats fine by me. Thanks a lot brothers keep um lines in the water.:smile2: