fort mill dam question

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    hello brothers long time no post any way i have a question about fishing at the fort mill dam close to tegay kay area the bottom of the dam is all rocks so cant bottom fish with out getting snaged every castand a plane ol cork wont cast that far how do you guys fish there with what rigs BTW i bank fish there if you dont know what dam i mean its the one with all those trailers on the other side please help thanks
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    I don't fish there too often...but a few years ago I got me one of them long European rods where you can hoop that bait out into the tailrace a long ways. Cabelas still has them, I think.....not very expensive. As far as getting snagged, yep, that's going to happen on every cast. Get a three way swivel and a short piece of six lb mono for you weight. It will break off easy and you still have bait on other leader. I know some people who use old lug nuts, spark plugs, or anything else with a little weight too it. Also make sure you have a small float on your bait leader to keep the bait up. Good luck! Many bigs cats and quite a few stripers can be had below Wylie dam.

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    I have never fished there, but have been there. I did alittle fishing with a friend of mine growing up on the upper Potomac where there was current and LOTS of rocks. We did as stated above with using light line for the sinker, but we would go to the tire stores and ask them to fill a bucket with old tire weights and use them. You will get stuck on every cast so why not loose free weights. I have heard of some nice stripers caught out of there when them move water.

    Good Luck...