Ford Focus Heads Up!

Discussion in 'Other Repairs' started by BailBonds, May 18, 2008.

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    My wife has an 04 Ford Focus 40K miles. She didn't tell me but the ignition stuck a couple of times in the off position. A good rattle freed it. Well it finally locked up for good after work the other night. I went down and with my old Harley skills (get a bigger hammer) managed to get it free with a hard knock with an ice scraper like a hammer driving the key like a nail. It freed it up to get it home. Googled it and found out there are so many doing this the state of CA has a class action suit against Ford. The local Ford stealership wanted $350 to $500 to replace the ignition cylinder acting like they weren't sure what it was. I bought one for $122.00 and it took me about an hour to swap out. This was by a rookie, imagine how fast a Ford mechanic should be able to do it! Hardest part is resetting all the tumblers or wafers as I call them. Not a dangerous problem unless you work at a school in a bad area in town which my wife does. This has happened on THOUSANDS of Ford Focus from 2000 and up I understand. So if you or a loved one has one you'll know at least how to get home.