Ford AOD Trans swap - 2x4 to 4x4

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    I'm going to build a replacement 302 in my spare time for my high-miles '95 F150 4x4. I found a buildable motor for $100 and my buddy has some H.O. Mustang heads and and intake for me that he'll part with for a bit of nothing, so I'm covered on that side. The donor vehicle is a '92 F150 2x4.

    The guy who has the motor also has the AOD trans out of the '92 that I'd like to have for a spare as well (he's wanting almost nothing for it). My truck has 250K miles on it and I'd just as soon swap the trans out when I do the motor swap since I'm going to be pulling the boat quite a bit and I might as well change it now instead of towing it home one day when it finally eats it's lunch:smile2:.

    My question is what is required to swap the 2x4 trans into the 4x4, if it's even possible? I'm hoping it's just the tailshaft like back in the ol' C4 days, but I dunno. Thanks in advance!

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    switch tail shaft and your good to go

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    I believe catoon is right.