For the guys who fish the rivers ?

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    This coming summer will be my first year at really getting serious for these catfish on the river. I will mainly be on the Ohio River. What are different ways you guys like to fish larger rivers, as in hooks, line, weights, bait, dead bait or alive, etc., etc. ? I have had a few guys point me in the right direction but I'm just wondering what everybody else does or uses to catch catfish. Now I ain't asking for your personal secrets, just a few different rigs to try out.

    Thanks, G3
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    Eden Prairie, Minnesota
    Everyone has their own preferences....When fishing on a big river I like to find a calm spot with less current, Find a deep hole or an eddy and fish right in or near it. Timber is also a good thing. I personally go with heavy line and heavy hooks...theres nothing worse than the feeling of getting broke off! I've always had my best luck with live bait, at least for fishing flatties.

    It's basically trial and error. What works for you tonight, may not produce at all the next few times.My biggest piece of advise....Don't get frustrated with fishing takes time to learn their habits, feeding patterns, and the river you fish in! Good luck and have fun!

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    Nutinlikeacat is very correct Everyone has their own preferences. I fish mainly the Ohio in Indiana from Tanners creek to Hovey lake, chasing Flatheads and Blues, I like current in fact when most people stay home because the river is high is when I like to be out on the river. As long as I can dodge the debris and motor along safely then I'm comfortable.

    I mainly use slip rigs with 4-12 0z. of weight depending on current, E-Cat #4 rods with 30# Berkley big game line green stuff and an 80# leader a foot in length and attached to an 8/0 circle hook.

    For bait I mainly use dead bait but it is fresh, there are times that I use live but have really gotten away from the live because the dead bait is so effective, I have live bait on the boat then cut it, use only two kinds of bait Shad and Skipjack, the Skips are always dead or frozen, the Shad are live and dead both plus I do use frozen but it is good only one time once you unthaw Shad they are pretty much mush and hard to keep on the hook, they can't be refozen like the Skipjacks.

    I mainly fish for trophy fish so all I use is large baits very large baits, Skipjacks in the 18 inch range, Shad in the 16 inch range, sometimes I may be forced to use smaller if I do then I put a bunch on the hook at a time.

    I carry frozen Skips on board the boat at all times but I mainly castnet bait right off the river up in small tribs or coves, or in Marinas as Shad like to hang around those dock areas plus it gets them out of the current.

    Everybody does it different, time on the water will teach you a lot plus if you know somebody that you can get on board there boat and show you some of the ropes it will shorten your learning curve.......Doc
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    I like to be adjacent or upstream from a deep hole. I like to fish over rocky bottom. Some of my best spots are a rock shoal 5 feet deep adjacent to 25 feet of water.

    I use a three way swivle and tie the sinker in a manner so if it snags up you can pull it out. Also use slip rig so the catfish can take the bait and doesn't feel the sinker. Use short leaders in fast water, and hook bait so it is "streamline" to the current. If your bait "helocopters" in the current it will spin you up in a not and not look good to a cat.

    Don't be afraid of fast water. Some nights I have out 75 feet of anchor rope to stay in a spot. If the bait is there, on a bench, or a drop, the cats stack up.

    Also, if the river is rising in level. Fish close to shore just out of the current. I have seen the bait go close to shore at a head of an eddie to get out of the super fast current and that will bring in the cats.

    Good luck
  5. misterwhiskers

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    I like the fast current too,usually do pretty well in the fast current.Also,eddys are good,find that slack water along the current,usually behind a big boulder,stump or anything that blocks the general flow of water and usually catfish are there.
    I also like to fish the edge of channels,right where the it starts to drop off to deeper water.I've caught many channels in the shallow water,along the drop and down in the deeper water.Most were caught in the shallow and along the ledge though.
    Any hole thats deeper than the rest of the bottom is always good spot.And if yer river is anything like mine,theres drainage pipes dotted along the banks,downstrfeam from these are always hot!
    I mainly fish fer channels so itsa all cut baits and only live bait would be werms.Chicken livers,cut herring shad.Doc's got it right,with cut bait the fresher it is the better.Any fish thaqt is found naturaly in the river yer fishing would make a good cut bait.
    Someones gonna chime in on this in a bit preachin about mackrel.Well,pay no mind to him,and use fish that are found locally.
    Actually mackrel does pretty well,but ya can't go wrong with cut perch if they are all along the river!
  6. SangamonCatKiller

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    central illinois
    The answer to the question would revolve around what type of catfish you are fishing for and the type of bait your going to use. Channels can be caught a veriety of different ways from dip baits to cut baits. For flatheads you will wan't to use alot of live baits. I do use cut shad at times for flatheads but, I prefer a small/medium sized live bluegill. Tackle would depend on the cover and amount of room you have to let a fish run. If you are fishing heavy cover, you will likely want to use a heavy braided line(or mono)50# or more depending on the thickness of cover and depth you are fishing etc. I use 3 0z. weights for small bluegill and 4 oz for medium bluegill, again matching the hooksize with the size of your bait. For bluegill I have been using 7/0 and 8/0 o'shagnaussy hooks, and smaller for cut baits. And in conclusion, don't use circle hooks !!!;)
  7. Catchinbiguns

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    Man, it depends on the structure. But I will say don't under do it. Just like if your going out on a very cold day, you won't under dress.
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    i like to fish with a medium-heavy to heavy rod with a reel that will hold at least 250 yd. of the line your fishing. i use a baitcaster with a clicker on one rod and a spinning reel thats a bait runner.
    ive got 50# test 14# diameter power pro braided line. i prefer the no roll sinkers or egg sinkers with about 2oz in mild current.
    for hooks i like a large 7# octopus hook. i usually use eagle claw, but this year i'm going to try some gamatsu hooks and daichi hooks.

    use live bait if your going for flatheads, like eating size bluegill. im fishing just north of you, and i like the times of may to the end of june during the prespawn. you fish those times, and its like they come to you.

    i always leave my bail open and turn my clicker on. i like for the fish to take it for a little bit. a cat usually will take the bait and swim off, then theres gar, they will take the bait and drop it, take it and drop it.

    good luck.
  9. Larry

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    If your using a boat. Try to find where streams dump into the river. They frequently are a hot spot for myself, in the evenings. Many of the posts above have good pointers to try out.
    If your shore fishing be patient. Again if your in a boat and no action after 45min to 1 hour move on and try something else.
    Depth varies. You can catch Flatties in very shallow water as well as deep.
    good luck and keep us posted on whats working for you.
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    G3, I fish the Ohio all the time and I like using a three way rig with a 5 ounce bank sinker about 12 to 24 inches below my dropper with a 5/0 J hook. I rig it on any large capacity reel with 30# line. My best cats have come out of current. Look in the outside of river bends it is usually faster as well as deeper here and the cats tend to congregate in these places. When the river is running out hard the fish tend to run the bank more. I think maybe because of food being washed in and also the current slacking here a little. Good luck. Vern
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    G3Morton, go to Docs web page there is a wealth of knowledge there on rigs, baits, technique, equipment ect. If it doesnt help no matter your skill level then you cant read! Seriously, check it out. I would be scared to guess how mwny hours he's put into that page.....Abu65
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    Thanks for everyones input !!
  13. TDawgNOk

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    G3Morton, don't worry about askin for secrets. Most of the people of the Brotherhood are more than happy to help you out and give you any information they can. That includes their "secrets". Truth be told, they probably learned it from somebody else anyway.
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    I fish the missouri with 5-6oz bank or no roll sinkers. I use mostly 8/0 circles but will use some 10/0 circles. I like to use heavy action rods and reels that can handle 30-40# line. I do use some 3way swivels but most the time I rig my lines carolina style with a 50# leader. Length of the leader depends on water conditions. In the heat of the summer I do most of my fishing at night fishing the flats between the dykes. In the daytime I will fish the scour holes. I fish for blues so I stay where the current is and use big fresh bait. I also think it's important to use bait that is local to the water you are fishing in. For me that’s shad and carp.