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    Do ya'll use swivels on your jugs?

    I haven't because I've always used single hooks at the end of the line with the weight above the hook. Last night I made up some double hooked lines with the weight underneath. I noticed I lost several fish and the line was slimey!!! I also had 4 catfish I caught tangled up in the line!! Would swivels help me with this problem?? I know on my single hooks I don't but I'm asking about the doubled hooked jugs.:cool2: Thanks for ya'lls help!:big_smile:
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    That slime on the line is an "oft" asked question. It's simple, a catfish for reasons known only to them will literally slide down or up a line rubbing thier slime on it. I've watched this happen in clear water on shallow baits, so it is an observation, not a guess. Sometimes they will nudge the bait and tear it up, sometimes they won't touch the bait, other times they will gently mouth the bait. There reason?????

    Tangling lines is an indication the fish is spinning and wrapping the line around them by "throwing" the weight. I use swivels, attached to "heavy duty" trot line clips, for quick change of length of dropper lines, placement is at the jug and I'm not sure it's necessary, but it helps keep the tackle manufacturers in business.

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    Good Morning, Yes I Use Swivels On My Jugs, Which Are All Double Hooked Rigs. I Put My Weight On The Bottom & The Hooks Above It. One About 2' Up & The Upper One About 3' Higher Than The First.

    I Use Circle Or Kahle Hooks, Usually 6/0 Or 7/0 Size, No Gut Hooked Fish.

    HTH, Elliot