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    OK.....How do ya clean the chamber on yer standard unit plain Jane 5.56?
    Any chamber brush I can find, has to be inserted from the chamber end of the barrel, unless there's one made just for the Mini. There's no clearance in the receiver end of the unit I can find to make it work. As the chamber on my unit doesn't seem to be chromed....wouldn't it need some attention? If the manual adresses this problem...my old eyes can't find it.
    Looking for the secret Bill Ruger took to his grave, less he's just laughing at us. I lent it to a buddy...and he took less than great care with it. It's a dirty lil unit. I've put bout 30 patches down it already, and it's still coming out funky. The gunney would be ripping my rear end. Need some advice before I try and do the chinese puzzle of fitting it back together.
    :smile2: Turn loose the secret for a brother.
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    I would find one of the twisted brushes like you use on a pistol and insert through the ejection port. hope this helps

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    Boots,Try one of those twisted wire handles and a lil brush on the end,just bend the handle the shape ya want and scrub away.
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    There really isn't any goo d way to do it. I usually insert a ringed jag and attach a swab and pull it back into the chamber and just clean the chamber with the swab, I haven't had to scrub the chamger with a brush. I would surmise that you could attach an appropriate sized brush (not necessarily a chamber specific brush) and pull it in from the ejection port and slowly rotate it while it's drenched in a good quality solvent. Of course you'll want to do this with the barrel pointing down so the solvent will run out the end of the barrel. That's about the only thing I can think of.
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