For info on Products, ordering or ??, just send me an E-Mail

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    All BOC Members:

    If you have any questions, or want to talk to me in reference to anything about Wild Wolf Products, or just want to BS. Just send me an e-Mail with your Phone # and the best times to contact you and I will call you to answer your questions. That way you don't have to pay for the call. I have unlimited Long Distance dialing now with my Phone Company and this will be a service I can offer. The Toll Free service is still a bit spendy for me and we can do it this way. E-mail me your Phone # and best time to call to and I will get in touch with you. Let me do the calling and not you.

    I appreciate your business and interests:

    Gene Chambers
    Wild Wolf Products
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    If anyone is thinking about his products, don't hesitate to order them up. Gene is great to work with... a Couple of PM's to him and my order was out the door and on its way :big_smile: ... Gene makes sure your happy with his items and his prices are GREAT! (probably the cheapest Glowstix I've seen)..
    So quit thinking about it and shoot him an email or PM...
    His KatBobbers are perfect for all you flathead hunters wanting to float hand sized baits!!! If you not using one, you should seriously think about adding it to your arsenal..