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These are some pictures of the things to take loose. You can go into the library here and it will show you how to change the water pump out.
On the first picture is the wires that need to be seperated. Should be marked with a green and blue band. You will have to tie a strong small cord or wire to these wires because they go down through the exhaust housing and will need to be fished back up through it,
There are 4 bolts located under the anticavation plate that will need to be removed and under the plate is the trim tab and it will have to be removed also to access another bolt that goes up from the bottom. You won't have a shift rod to disconnect as this is a hydroelectric shift and those wires are the shift rod so to speak. By the way it stays in forward gear until its started. When going back together you will need to apply just a little grease to the splines on the shaft splines but don't load them up with it.
On those wires you will find a kinda of a raised ridgid surface that fits up through the housing and you will need to apply some grease or vasline one to slick them up to get them back up through the housing.


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