For As Little as A Dollar You Can Feed a Hungry Cat :-)

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by brian88b, Dec 4, 2009.

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    Was just looking at the Catfish1 Statistics on the bottom of the Forums page. And was noticing over 32,000+ Members and thinking if I could get just even 16% of members to donate a Measly $1 there would be alot less Poor Hungry Kitty's in the Ohio. Cause $1 from just 16% of the 32,000+ I could get a heck of a nice Cattin' Boat and be Feeding them Kitty's like crazy.:smile2::smile2::smile2::smile2::smile2:
    LOL, well yes I'm bored and it was a thought, for just about a second, lol.
    Imma saving like crazy though should be fishing outta my first cat boat by March though, cant wait.
    P.S.-maybe this shoulda went under Member Jokes LOL:smile2::smile2::smile2: