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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Jerry60k, Apr 23, 2008.

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    So how many people throw table scraps in the garbage?Here is what I have started doing.I live right beside the river and have decided there are not enough baitfish in the hole I have started fishing.

    I remember an old acquaintence who used to throw all of his table scraps in the river where he fished( he could just toss stuff off his porch lol ) this drew in very large amounts of sunfish,shiners,and made the carp grow tremendously.

    All of that in turn brought the channel cats anf flatheads in.Before he started doing this we caught only a few small cats and carp.After about 3 yrs you could fish there almost any time you wanted and get into big channel cats (around 10 lb ) and some very nice flats 25-30 lbs.

    Does anyone else do this or thought of it.I am hoping it is the ticket to bringing this new fishing hole to life since I cant drive 10 miles round trip to fish because of gas prices.
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    We used to have a fish cleaning table that sat next to the river. The fish guts got tossed down the bank and into the river. We could sit where the guts got tossed in, and catch skipjack all day, use it as bait, and continue the cycle.

    I think it just might work for ya. Good luck.


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    yes chumming the water will always work. Fish will come where is food. Bait fish and predators alike. As long as there is a food source there will be fish. Be care what you throw in the waters though, check the local laws on what you cannot through in and just avoid that and you should be fine. I have a 6" 10ft pipe tied to end of my boat house with holes drilled all in it and I use the cheapest hardest dog food I can buy to fill the pipe. The bait fish and all other fish swarm to my area now. I have done this for about 10 years now. I am catching all kinds of fish now where as when I started fishing there, I wasn't catching anything.
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    Good post Jerry, Thanks!!!

    I usually clean the few I keep(eater Channels-2-5#'s max) which isn't often at all. Usually I release 95% of what Channels I catch and all the Flats.
    I throw all the fish except for the fillets and feed the fishes, chum it some.
    I haven't stuck around long enough or done it enough to know how well it works. It sounds like a good idea.
    Another thing if I have bait thats a couple days bad or some bad Shad I'll chum the area some a little bit before I fish there. I usually always catch Channels, some Blues and even sometimes a Flattie. I like to do that, It helps if you ask me.:big_smile::wink:
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    Thats a good idea, Jerry. But garbage also makes a good gas. someone needs to invent a gas from garbage.
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    Good post Jerry that sounds like a great idea, I may try that sounds like it works good cause once you throw the scraps in there I guess it will bring fish in to eat, which if there are smaller fish then there will be some bigger fish come in thank you for the info, im going to try this sometime.
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    I went to this place in Key west, Florida where we ate at this restaurant on a dock. Years ago, people started throwing tablescraps into the water. This attracted the tarpon. The taropn got so comfortable with people feeding them, that they came back every year to eat people's tablescraps. These things were like 5 feet long. Of course, NO FISHING!

    Anyone could have hooked up in seconds!