Fond memories

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by mrdodgeram, Jun 23, 2007.

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    As I sat on the river bank today my mind drifted back to my youth remembering my first fish at the age of 5. Sadly my dad passed away when I was 11 but memories of him and fishing fill me with gladness. My grandfather started taking me with him so I had a good mentor, no matter where we camped or how far back in the woods we where there was a prayer said before eating those kind of memories are priceless. He gone now too but I still have him in thought. My mother always made sure I had hooks and sinkers (splitshot anyway), since I caught bait no problem unless there was a dry spell. I still have the tacklebox she bought me when I first started highschool. Opening it now is almost like going back in time. Since I ended up on disability I've started using bait more often as my endurance level for casting for hours on end has diminished considerably. No problem as it's brought back very fond memories to my soul. The only sad part is my grandfather is gone now too and my mother passed this past March. They may all be gone on to their home above but somehow I feel they are still watching over me. All the above brings back those youthful memories as well as it washes some sadness. But all I have to do is look up and say thank you Lord for the people you placed in my life to guide and care for me. I've rambled a bit but it feels good to bare my thoughts and say memories flood my soul.
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    I know what you are sayin when my dad passed it just wasnt the same for me fishin in our old spots so I found some new ones I still miss him though I also have a new fishin buddy my son I hope when i go he dosent feel like i do sometimes when i am catchin fish and wish ol dad was here to see em

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    Rick, ramblin' is good for the soul sometimes my friend. I KNOW that reading yours was good for mine. Memories are a wonderful thing, thanks buddy :tounge_out:.
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    And the memories live on, Rick...:cool2: