Flylining Cut Bait for Catfish

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    Original posted by Brian Dorian Cummings on 14 April, 2004

    Flylining is a method that can help you increase your catches of catfish especially when they are finicky and will drop your bait at the slightest bit of tension they come across. This method works best with cut bait and you want to use a big enough cut bait that you can cast it out without the use of a weight to get to your desired location.

    I use a chunk piece of mackeral. Chunks of carp, bluegill, or any other bait fish will work the same. I use about a 6/0-8/0 hook and put a chunk of cut bait on it and cast it out without any weights. Just the hook. This method is more meant for lakes and reservoirs and ponds alike. Not for Rivers where the current is strong.

    I like to use a spinning reel when doing this and I just cast my bait out and leave the bail open of my spnning reel. This allows the bait to drop slowly to the bottom and a lot of times you can catch suspending fish on it way to the bottom. A lot of times I have been ripped on its way to the bottom by fishing this way. I then place my rod on the boat by it being parallel to the water. That way the line can peel from the reel in a steady and free motion as the fish takes the bait. When you line starts peeling after it reached the bottom, you know you have a cat run. I would let it run steadily for like ten seconds before I would set the hook. This method works well when fishing cut bait and can increase your hookups when the bite is finicky.

    Bait casting reels also work well with this method and you would use the same tactics as you would a spinning reel, but instead you would use your clicker on the baitcaster.