Flyfishing for catfish and bass?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing' started by bigfatcat, Jul 14, 2006.

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    any1 know what type of flies i can use for catfish i want to catch one on a fly rod the first time i tried i got a carp but no cats been trying a lot latly but cant get any. also any1 have a good fly suggestion on fishing for bass right now there are big schools of inch long minnows that the bass are feeding on so if any1 has a good fly that reperents a minnow that would be great

    thanks, bigfatcat
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    Well since you already know what the bass are feedding on then now all you have to do is either tie or buy a fly that is a close representation of those bait fish.

    As far as catfish on a fly rod. I think it can be done for flatheads since they will take crankbaits and jigs but you will be casting till your arm falls off. Most of flatheads feeding is done at night which would make flyfishing for them that much harder. Good luck!

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    For those bass, try a 1.5" long silver and blue pencil popper, it will be a blast watching them come up on them!

    For river channels, we do real well nymphing below small dams in the rocky seams with the crayfish,helgramite or egg patters all through the late spring and summer, if the water is a few feet deep, then put an indicator about the same depth with minimal weight and drift through slow seams wher eit hardly moves, you will pick them and carp up.
    For deeper moving waters with gravel/cobble bottoms, I like a olive wooley bugger fished in a slow swing with a sinking line, theis get the bait deep near bottom and channels love a nice crunchy treat drifted right down at there level...
    I never had luck with channels in ponds but in clear water like a gravel pit, I have taken several while fishing for bass, deep and slow with streamers or wooley buggers.

    Good luck!!

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    #2 wollybuggers and crawdad patterns