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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing' started by oh_darn, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. oh_darn

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    Nixa, MO
    I need some help. I've been flyfishing for a while and I've caught a few carp and I loved it. But that was during the summer. Do they still bite in the winter or do they move somewhere else? And if they move, is there a good way to catch them? What fly do you use most?
  2. delawareriver

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    bath pa
    they will still bite just takes alot more time, most catches are by accident, i stumpled accross a few while trout fishing with a small midge pattern in deep holes. no good way to target them that i know of

  3. DIESELkat

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    Ive never actually targeted carp with a flyrod but have caught a few while flyfishing for smallmouth. The only fly that I know of that they will readily eat is a crawfish immitation fished slowly. Its a killer pattern for smallies too. Most of the ones Ive used are a 2 bead type, and I fish em with a sinking line. Just cast em out and let em hit the bottom and make a silt cloud like real crawfish do. Then bring em up and strip em a couple times and drop it again and make another silt cloud.