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Fly Dip Bait

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Original post made by Kevin M Novak(Bloodbait) on February 6, 2003

This is a bait I came up with growing up on the farm. We raised horses which caused us to have a horrible fly problem around the barns and corral. We came up with a fly catcher that will let you catch thousands of flys in a VERY short amount of time. So first things first we need to make a fly catcher.
This is really easy. Even if you don't use it for bait it's a GREAT way to get rid of those pesky flies always buzzing around outside. First thing you do is get some mason jars with lids. If you don't have mason jars use emply jelly or pickle jars. Size doesn't matter I have some that are small all the way up to one gallon. Poke 4 to 6 holes in the top of the metal lids. You want these holes to be small. Use a nail or other small device. You want the hole to be big enough for a fly to get into the jar..but not too big for them to just fly out. Why would a fly go into the jar in the first place? Hold your horses and I'll tell you.
Fill the jar with about 2-4 inches of water depending on the size of your jar. Put in a nice piece of liver (turkey or chicken) into the jar. Growing up we tried putting all kinds of different things in the jar (some of which I won't even type because they were just plain nasty) but we ALWAYS had the best luck using liver.
Place your jar somewhere in the sun. The flies are attracted to the smell so they go inside the jar. Once inside the jar the flies cannot fly back out. I know it sounds strange but once in there they cannot see the holes in the top of the lid. The flies will drown in the water or be crushed by more flies coming in. The smell of the dead flies will only attract more to come into the jar. You may have to add more water to the jar to account for evaporation. You always want enough water in the jar- first for drowning the flies and second the water makes it smell more. I used to have to empty these growing up and we used one gallon ones. They would be full in two to three days...filled with the most awefull smelling dead flies and maggots (Flys will bred and lay eggs in the jar in a 24 hour period).
Empty your jars into a bucket filled with a little bit of water. The flies that are still alive in the top of the jar will fall into the water and drown or be crushed by the dead ones.
What you have in your bucket right now makes a GREAT chum. Be warned however that it really smells bad. Or you can put your favorite cutbait into a bag and add this mixture to it. Seal the bag and let marinate for a couple days. You can get creative and add whatever you want to your dead flies. I add blood and grounded up carp or bluegill. I have also added these flies to my favorite doughball recepies.
Even if you don't use it for bait this is a GREAT way to get rid of those anoying flies. It may take some time to get the right amount of water in your jars, but it really does work. I have pictures of the jars and cats I've caught with it but I can't get my pictures to go on this site. When I figure it out I will be sure to post them. I hope this help!! we leave our favorite fishing hole is how our children will someday see it.
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