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    Northwest Flori
    I like to fish flounder down here in florida. i usually go to a spot in destin. im new and have caught some flounder, but want to catch more. Does anybody have in techniques and tips for flounder. thanks
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    I remember when I was about 8 years old. My dad and some of his friends took me fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. We stayed on a 20 acre or so Iland. From boat we tore up the flounder, red fish and king fish from shore. Good eating and fishing for a week. Man that was fun. After that I just fish from piers when I lived on coast.

    I love eating broiled are blacken Flounder.

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    this spring i did a little expirament..i took two rods and used the exact same sinkers and hooks and put them with thensame bait in the same spot(a few feet apart)..but i used 40 lb flouro on one and 40 lb mono on the other...flouro outfished mono 2:1 with flounder.....use flourocarbon!also the best hooks ive found for minnows if you use them are owner mosquito and for fish strips are owner ssw. whater bait u use keep it moving...flounder dont really move alot so your bait will have to find them.also bigger bait =bigger flounder.......if all ur catchin is small non keepers use bigger bait.