Florida fishing trip

Discussion in 'Salt Water Fishing' started by Creteus, Jun 19, 2006.

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    Loganville, GA
    I would love to tell you all about all the fish I caught but that would be how things were suppose to go. The only thing that I caught were 2 gaftops on the first day. Reason was on the first night I lost my wallet and of course my fishing license was in it. And without a photo ID I couldn't get another one. Nice huh:angry: . Figured I'd go on with vacation until the cooler slid into the pile of rod and reels and of coures broke one of the big rods in half. Ok I can deal with that. Next on the list 2 oz of lead fell through my tailgate with line on board and spooled a reel. Thought only a big fish could do that. Last but not least I left squid in my good cooler without ice for 3 days. Smells great.
    Well I'm finised complaining now. Have a great day to all:tounge_out:
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    Me and a couple of my buddies from work all decided to take our vacation at the same time this year and go out to Mesquito Lagoon for the weekend. We got there and got all of our gear unloaded and tents set up for the weekend. We were not fishing for more than an hour or two when it started to rain. The forcast was for clear skies and it started raining. Go figure; it's Florida. It started thundering and lightning so the fishing just died. We were in the only place to camp and it started to flood. Needless to say we would have been stuck in our tents the whole time; exept I brought a tarp with us to throw over our tents. We decided to just string it between some trees and sit under the tarp and drink beer all weekend. It might have been crappy weather, but we had a blast and enjoyed the time off from work.

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    Matt all I did was give you some line not fishing lessions....LOL sounds like one of my trips.
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    That's too bad for ya Matt. :angry: Reminds me of that Bill Dance video.
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    Man,ya sure Mellon didn't stow away in the P/U,bad luck indeed.

    The worst is losing your wallet,thats a lot of work getting everything replaced.
    You could have ordered another fishing permit over the phone or on-line,but your also supposed to have a photo I.D. with you also.
    I get checked all the time down there,and more than once they have compared the permit to my D.L.