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    I need to replace the plywood floor in the front of my fiberglass boat. I pulled the carpet up and found that where the plywood meets the hull there is some foam that extends about 2 inches on to the plywood. This foam is the type that is used for spray in insulation. I think this foam is there to smooth out the transition between the floor and hull. Also maybe to help hold the floor in place. Is this right? If it is am I correct in thinking I will have to remove this foam to get the plywood out and then replace the foam when the new floor is in?
    Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Hmmmm. Makes me wonder if someone in the past has not all ready replaced the floor once. My understanding of the process is you cut you new floor to close specifications, then use a fibrous filler, such as a bondo type stuff to join the floor to the hull. I am sure MarkJ will be on after a while and he will give you the best low down you can possibly get.