flooded river catfishing

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by basebklyn7, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. basebklyn7

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    dubuque, iowa
    i live in pool 12 of the mississippi river. it is currenty at flood stage (about 9' above normal pool) most of the islands are under water. and the water is pretty murky and turbulant.
    i was wondering where a person should start if they were to go out looking to catch a few fish? would they be on wing dams at this time of high water or on a shallow sandy backwater?? thanks in advance.
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    i usually look to fish at the edge of the calm and current if there is too mutch current. were feeder creeks dump in to the main channel, cuts in the bank or like you said behind wing dikes anywere were their is a change in current.

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    Gore, Okla
    Look for shallow water with a small to moderate current.

    The key is SHALLOW!

    Shallow is less than 3 feet. Look for a sandbar or the eddy current behind an obstruction... I like the long slow inside bend of a river where the bottom is sand or small stone. The catfish will be feeding on mussels and snails since their regular diet has been changed due to high water.

    Fish with fresh cut bait, still bleeding. You'll be glad you did!