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what is a float exactly to keep the bait off the bottom,and where do i get them,thanks
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The type of float is use occassionally is about 1" diameter and 8" long. The float has a hole through the center the length of the float. If you have never used one, I would suggest the BillyBob (I think) from wallyworld. My reason for this is it comes with the float stop (thread) and a threading wire to pull your line through. The setup is stopper tied on snugly but able to slide, float, then whatever type of sinker/hook/leader combination you prefer. The directions come with the float. This type is for suspended fish that way you can change your depth with ease.
The type I use mostly is a cigar shaped float (from wallyworld). This I attach just above my hook on my leader. Above that I use a barrel swivel, then sinker on main line. My leader length is anywhere from 1' -2'. What this accomplishes is sinker sets on bottem then bait w/float gets suppended 1'-2' off bottem. Hope this helps!

I got this setup from a post from Big George
hey catbird that is a big help,ill check at walmart tomorrow,thanks again
I forgot to add that the ciagr floats are $2 or $3 for a pack of 6 or 8 and the BillyBob's are about $3 each I think. Anoth thing I like to do at night with the BillyBob's is tape a 3" glowstick to the top of it. Works great.
And Gene Chambers makes some that are BOC tried and proven. They even have a place for a small glow stick for night fishing. He has a sponsor link at the top of the page: Maine-Wolf Products.

I ordered up a bunch just last week.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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