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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by HARVRAD2003, Mar 11, 2006.

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    Want to buy some floats for catfishing tomorrow at BASS PRO, I will mainly be using them with 2 to 3 ounce weights for channel cats. I know BASS PRO has them but how can you tell the size float you need for the weight used. Also do they sell floats made for river fishing or is there a way to make one from the round colored sponge floats that walmart sells during SUMMER time, got one at home / the ones that are around 5-6 feet long, thought it might make a good float if I had the nohow.
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    i have heard of people tyeing fishing line around those big noddles and kind of using them like you would if you were jug fishing as far as a float for a rod and reel i use a 8 inch float with i think a 3oz weight.[not sure] you Can always go the trial and error method. as far as fishing in the river i use them all the times all i do is cast up river as far as i can and let it drift back down just make sure you keep your slack reeled in and be ready for the bite.:)

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    Check out Maine-Wolfe Products, they are a BOC sponsor.

    Johnny and Gene make an EXCELLENT product that is reasonably priced. You can get their floats sized for the weight you are going to use and they are rugged and durable. I have been using them since they started and still have the same floats. All I have done is get more in different sizes.

    And they have a BOC special on now.

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    Tee beat me to it.
    For what your wanting I think the only way to go would be Maine Wolfe products. I dont think Bass Pro is going to have what your looking for. If your looking for some big cigar balsa wood floats you may want to try some of your pawn shops. I picked up 20 almost brand new floats years ago for 15 bucks. Pretty good since they are usually 3-4 dollars a piece.