Floating the Missouri River

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    Hello all, first time poster but been lurking a while.

    Me and some buddies are looking for some floating info on the Mo river. Thinking about making a weekend float trip from Corning down to Farley. Never done such a thing, but I really think that it will be a blast. Of course we wil have some poles to bend along the way. I am wondering if anyone has done such a trip and what to expect. Curious about whether it will be too far or not far enough of a float. We've all got nice rigs but don't plan on starting our engines unless we have to.

    Any experiences??
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    Warsaw, Mo.
    Welcome to the BOC Bob.
    Not familar with that area but we use to float the Mo. up around the Omaha/Council Bluffs area a lot. Its a lot of fun and a lot of times we would do it on tubes with a cooler strapped in the middle or just wear life jackets and float along with the boats. Have fun, be safe and good fishin to you....


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    St. Louis
    first off welcome aboard
    1) once you get to Farley how r you getting back..........lol
    2) Sounds like it would be one heck of a time, me and a buddy of mine
    thought about floating from st. charles to col. bottoms. we never got around to it but i think if i bring it up again we'll get around to it this year.
    anyway any time on the water i say go for it. good luck and be safe
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    Sounds like fun. I see folks on the river in canoes from time to time.

    I'd wait till the water comes down to more "normal" summertime levels - mid to late July ought to be great, if we don't continue with all the flooding rains. If you go now, there won't be many (if any) sandbars for you to beach on, which means you'll have to beach on the shore, with all the ticks, chiggers, snakes, etc. etc.
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    Kansas CIty, MO
    You can always sleep in your boat. You will need to start the motor to go up into the platte river thats where the ramp is at in Farley. Should be a nice trip. Might as well do it now. Higher the water the faster you will go. Plus the river is going to drop couple feet next few day's.
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    Two years ago two friends and myself floated from Rulo to 291 in Kansas City. It was a great trip. We used a 22ft pontoon and floated a great deal of the way. The river is used more as a lake when it is low north of St. Joe. We saw people on tubes, skies and Sea-Doos all out doing their thing. That is when the water is low. Check on fuel and count on needing more than you think. Atchison has a nice river front park and a little eating joint just about on the water by the boat ramps. Send me A PM if you want more info.