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    hey hey i was wondering how well using a bobber and letting it float works in Tennessee works. I've been reading a lot of posts and it seems to work well in some states. I've personally never tried it. I fish a lot on the Cumberland river and any insight on this would be greatly appreciated. O i also fish on the bank cause i dont have a boat. Thanks to all of you who post on this.:wink:
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    I use floats.I use the big 12" cigar floats slip rigged to fish deep..They work well for trying to locate the depth the fish are at cause catfish are not always on the bottom especially on a lake that stratifies during the summer..They work good for around cover too..I recommend having at least one pole rigged up with a float..

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    West Tn
    Theres people using ours on the Cumberland, Tn River and others. They work great on any body of water. If you keep seeing fish at say 20 ft over 40 ft of water. A float allows a person to suspend there baits up at 20ft or even 15ft . That way your fishing where the fish are at. Not below them.
    If your fishing waters with a thermocline there killer keeps the bait above it where the fish are at not down in the dead water.
    We have 8 sizes listed on our website, Big enough for any bait. And can custom make them bigger, We have some people using our 8" and 10" and even 12" tall X 3 3/4" Fat kat bobbers. may add these bigger ones to the website if theres enough people looking to buy them. There casting them out, then letting the wind take there bait out where the fish are at. Or let the current take the bait down a rock bluff. That is what we were doing Thursday, cast up next to the bank. And we were able to fish a 50 yard stretch of rock bluff without moving.
    Check our floats out they even come with directions on how to tie your own bobber stopper. Built Heavy Duty by hand in the USA. We hand make each and everyone of them here in our shop.They have a spot molded into the top and bottom for a glow stick for night fishing.
    http://www.wildwolfproducts.com/katbob.htm Also were a sponsor of the board also. Check out our Giveaway on here also.

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