Float Rigs?

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    Ok so i have a big slip bobber rigged up with a 1 ounce weight and a circle hook baited with cut bait and I am wondering how yall go about choosing your depth. My plan is to start At the head of the hole (lets assume its 3 feet deep in the channel dropping down into a 10 foot hole) With my bait 4 feet below the bobber. I will make a few runs through the hole at this depth then drop my bait another foot and repeat. Does this sound like the right method to use to locate the depth the fish are at? How many runs or casts will you usually make before changing the depth of your bait? This also seems like a fast way to fish, going to the fish and not sitting and waiting for them to come to you, so do you fish all 3 positions in the hole? Head, Core, And Tail? I would appreciate any input from anyone that has used a float rig and had some luck with it.
  2. boombalaty

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    Try somewhere between 1/4-1/2 the depth of the water you are fishing and go from there. Where we fish most are caught 3-6 feet deep. Just gotta expirament as I am sure each body of water will be different. Good luck!!

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    i would think that you would hit all 3 parts of the hole, the fish at bottom of the hole are less likely to bite,my expierence anyway.i would concentrate more on the front side and back side of the hole.that method has worked for me.
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    I can't say that I have used this rig for deep water but have found it to be effective for fishing roots along banks. There the water is usually shallow to maybe six feet at the most. I let the current, with a little guiding, take the rig to where I want it and hold in that location. Works good for late morning sunny days when those whisker faces are up in the roots taking a nap.