Float Fishing & Circle Hooks

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by bwanatony, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. bwanatony

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    I am a big fan of circle hooks.
    I use them 100% of the time, for live bait and cut bait. I almost never miss a fish, and I have never yet gut hooked a fish on one either (knock on wood).

    Now, I want to start using slip floats in some places that are just too snaggy for fishing right on the bottom. I figure the float will suspend the bait where the fish will find it without letting it into the branches & junk.

    BUT... I'm thinking it would be better to use J hooks with floats, so I can set the hook right away & yank the fish out of the brush.

    Are there any float users out there who want to comment?

    Good fishing,
  2. flatheadhunterx

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    I think i would use some large kahle hooks with a float instead of a circle due to the fact that you cant set the hook with a circle. you would have to let the fish tighten the line and load the rod by then he may already be in the thick stuff you trying to fish.

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    The hook depends on the bait. With punch bait or fresh chicken livers I use treble hooks, with cured chicken livers and cut bait I use circles or kales. It doesn't take that much force to set a sharp hook. Eather way I just let them hook themselves. When the rod loads up it is time to reel them in. The only thing that I do if they are just pecking at it, I may jerk the rod just a little. This usually causes them to strike with a vengence. If not I just leave it alone they will usually come back for some more.
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    I have never use circle hooks on float rigs before, I will give it a try.