Flint River: Warwick dam fishing Report

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    Well Went fishing on the Flint river below lake Blackshear on Thursday (18th) and did actually catch one channel cat in the 1 1/2 to 2 lb range.

    They are filling the lake back up after letting the level drop and thus they have shut the turbines down as well and thus the river was down significantly from my previous scouting trip.

    The weather was ideal in a comfort sense for us fisherman. We got there about 3pm and started fishing near the dam. We there was a small group of other folks fishing several baits including mullet guts, worms, chad, goat liver store bought stick bait (Strike King -fish Dynamite) and even chitterlings soaked in anchovy sauce.

    Not much was biting. About 6:30 PM I hook on to the channel cat with the store bought stink bait. I was somewhat disappointed that it was not the chitterling bait since that was my idea. We only fished till about 7:30...maybe a bit latter but the two fellow I was with got tired of having to re-do there lines. That was the most negative aspect of the trip. The rocks below the dam will catch your line and you will loose many weights. I know know why the local custom is to use old nails or any other heavy items that is free since the odds are good it ain't coming back.

    I thinking the spot will be better once the water levels flow at a more normal level.
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    Fitzgerald, Geo
    i fish the lake but neve fished below the dam . a frind of mine fished it and with live bait he cough 30 lb flatheads lost several larger one. some he couldnot pull off the bottom .

    new boat raom at the ga. vetrans state park . havenot saw it . just finished it friday .