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    Ok Depending on the weather (50% chance of showers) I am thinking of putting in my Kayak at the Flint River on Hwy 19, then Paddle down to the Hwy 128 crossing.

    Here is a map of the trip:

    http://www.garivers.org/paddle_georgia/2008/RiverMaps/Auchumpkee Cha Cha Color.pdf

    The last of the Shoals on the Flint are in this section of the river, so I might fish a bit Thursday in the shoals for some shoal bass, but will then settle down somewhere between where the Auchumpkee empties into the flint and the set of Islands just below. I'll play that by ear.

    If I can get some bream as well, then I'll settle down for the evening hoping for some flat heads.

    Then early the next morning will head further down the river to about a mile or so before Hwy 128. There is reportly some deep holes there in the horse shoe area. That is deep by Flint river standards.

    If anyone has done this section and has any advice let me know. Hopefull the river is not too low so I won't have to drag the Yak too far :)

    I figure even if it rains, it will just be a quick shower.
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    Pat, that sounds like a great trip. Enjoy!

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    Sounds like a great trip. Always relaxing to spend time out on the river, especially overnight!
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    Well I made it back from the Flint River trip between Hwy 19 below Thomaston and Hwy 128 below Roberta GA. We put in around 5:30 pm on on Thursday. Initially I had planned on making the trip solo (which I actually prefer :)

    But my 28 year old son was around and seemed like he was interested. Now remember, I'm making this trip in two person kayak and since he is 230 or so pounds and a little over 6ft tall, it was going to be a bit tight as far as space goes.

    We headed off and it was not too long before we had to get out and drag the kayak through a few spots. The plan was to spend the night on some islands int he flint where the last of the rock shoals are located. Just above where the Auchumpkee creek feeds into the flint looked like a nice spot to fish. I had expected it to be deeper than it was but I did manage to catch on small white bass with a worm as I was trying to catch some bream for bait. I did see some large gar swimming under the kayak. I can see why they did not have much fear of us, I don't think they fear much in the river.

    By the time we got to the island area, it was obvious that this was not the spot to spend the night. No deep water, not place to camp etc.

    We pushed on and as it was getting dark I found a spot that seemed pretty good, not as good as couple of spots I had passed, but we had needed to make a certain amount of distance so we could catch our ride back the next day.

    The sleeping bags had gotten wet due to the fact that the dry bag I had it in was not as dry as I thought it was. But thankfully its August in middle georgia so frostbite was not in the picture. I did find out that yes synthetic bags do hold some insulation value even when wet. I however would not recommend it to anyone.

    As the sun went down we started fishing with cut bait and liver. With out execption the liver won out. I even had a small live bream on one line hoping for that wild chance of large flathead. We ended up with about 9 channel cats that were in the 1 to 2 lb size.

    THe next morning we pulled up stakes and headed down toward 128. We passed several spots that I belive to be ideal spots and made a note to come back and check them out. In particular there is a spot about a mile or so up from 128 which looks idea. Deep water, almost like a natural lake on the flint. I'll more than likey head up stream for that trip pulling the yak long as needed.

    So my theory seemed correct in that the fish do seem to hold up in the holes along the Flint and there is good fishing, it just takes some work to get to these spots.

    After the trip my son did say that if he had to pull the kayak again, he was not going but would rather wait until the river is higher and he can float the whole way. Oh these young people, want their river and to float too!

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