Flint River: New Years Day.

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    Went to the Flint River where Hwy 96 between Ft. Valley and Reynolds. Went down stream this time vs. up stream last time. Just after the river turns and before the river splits there is a nice sandy beach on the east side of the river. It's not a bad walk as there is a sort of four wheel type road that lead to the location so there was no having to whack through weeds or such.

    We got there about 9:00 am and fished to about 1 pm.

    Got one channel cat between the 1 and 2 pound size. This is the second time I've caught just one fish. I'm feeling like Pat the one fish wonder.

    I'm actually scouting the place for a location for an all night-er fishing trip in spring. The sand will make a nice bed and right across river there is a nice hole with some downed trees so I am thinking it might be a nice hold out spot for some catfish. The trouble I had is that current is pretty strong so its hard to get good placement. What I am wondering is that in summer the flint gets much lower than it is now. Does the lower levels also mean that the rate of flow will be slower or will the rate of flow be than same just less water?

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    Sounds like a good spot. If the river level there isn't influenced by a dam, then the lower the river the slower the current should be.

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    Shelbyville, TN
    Thanks for the post. that will be valuable info when I am fishing GA this year