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Discussion in 'Trout Fishing' started by mcronican, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. mcronican

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    Anybody have any flies they would recommend for Rainbows? Colors/sizes and names would be great, I'm new to the world of fly fishing and hope to get a few Rainbows this spring. Thanks in advance!
  2. fishinnstudyin

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    where exactly do you live and what size rainbows are you going after??

    50% of the time I fly fish for rainbow trout, I use wooly buggers in olive green, black and a maroon color.. In the Missouri streams and rivers I use olive colored and black colored midges in size 16-20 a lot.. Some days they work okay, some days the olive colored 20 midge catches a trout every 15-20 minutes..

    cracklebacks in green/gold work well some days, scuds size 16 work well too in orange and brown colored.. some days griffiths gnats olive with a gold beadhead works as well too..

    olive seems to be my color of choice 80% of the time

    1/100 Maribou jigs in olive seem to work for trout in lakes. you can get the 10 pack at Bass Pro for 2.99, a steal..

    best idea is to go to a fly shop and ask them what works in the streams around you.

  3. Guns & Cockpits

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    Like fishnnstudyin said, it really depends on what kind of waters that you're fishing.

    Where I fish for rainbows, in the California high Sierra, we generally catch fish trolling a fly, or casting a fly and a bubble. Nine times out of ten, it's either a black, olive, or green Matuka. But at that point, we're talking about 7,000msl, and the fish are of average size.

    As we move up in altitude, which we often do, the fish get smaller. So we use smaller flies of varying sorts, usually mosquitoes.

    It really is a great idea to ask the local fly shops what the fish are biting on. They usually know best.
  4. Seth

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    Owensville, MO
    I always have a healthy supply of scuds in olive, black. tan, grey, orange, and pink in sizes from 12-22. Wooly buggers in size 8-10 in black and olive are good day or night, smaller is better during daylight and bigger during the night. Size 16-20 soft hackles are a go fly for too.

    I fish Lake Taneycomo and Maramec Springs here in Missouri usually. It might be a totally different fly preference where you're at. I would image if you're fishing a tailrace type of water, then scuds would work well.
  5. Wyocatman

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    Centralia, Illinois
    Scuds and midges of various earth tone colors, Wooly buggers are always a good choicetoo. In wyomin g in the spring when the bows' were spawning, i used to tie up a dark red or blood colored bugger i nicknamed the "hangover special". I got the col,or by spilling some bourbon on some pink marabou i was using at the time..