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    Some good friends of mine in the US Army SPec Ops community left me a spool of "Webbing,textile,nylon ,tubular width 9/16"".The roll has 320 yards on it."So what " you say???Well this is perfect for those that make slinky sinkers for drift fishing.Its better than parachute cord because you dont have to pull the strings out ,it is already hollow.It takes 00/000 buck perfectly as I have already tested it.Now 320 yards is way more than a lifetime supply so just to show you what a nice guy I am, I will bring this spool to Santee on Sat and give away lots of it to anybody that wants some.What I have left over I will share with all the other BOCsters not fortunate enough to be able to go to Santee Sat.:big_smile::smile2:If you think you want some PM me and I'll send some your way.Price is right FREE as long as I can stand the postage!!!!:big_smile::smile2:You will have to get your own buckshot!!!!!:wink::eek:oooh::crazy:
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    Hey Jim,
    I sure could use some of that webbing to make my sinkers. I have been using shoestring. Send me what you can to make some. Here is my address: Buck Amerson (Carolina Catman) 9857 Old State Rd. Cameron S.C. 29030 Thanks:big_smile::big_smile: