Fleet Week 2006!

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    Hey everybody, Im back(in case anyone was wondering where I was:roll_eyes: ). Anyhow, I took a little work related trip on the U.S.S. Bonnehomme Richard up the California coast for pilot carrier qualifiactions and to take part in Fleet Week. It was a GREAT time to say the least! I had never been to the Bay area before and I have heard more than once that it isnt really a good place for the military because of all the liberals. Regardless though, we were recieved by the community with great appreciation. The Blue Angels put on an amazing show as usual and we ate and shopped all over the place. Also had quite few drinks purchased for us by folks wanting to show their appreciation for what we do. So, anybody out there in the Bay Area, I would like to say THANKS for the great time and memories:still_dreaming: !