flats in an aqurium

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by slikk03, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. slikk03

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    is it hard to put flats in an aqwarium, i woul like to get a blue and a lat in a good sized walmart aqarium ,
  2. MichaelP

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    You can put any fish in an aquarium, now if it lives and is healthy and happy is another question entirely. I would think that a flathead would quickly outgrow any tank you could keep it in. Not only that, they tend to be solitary skittish fish so if you didnt provide it with cover to hide in it would become stressed and maybe even eventually die. They have small catfish that you can buy at the pet store that are more suited for aquarium rearing. I kept a bluegill for some years until it became too big and then it went down to the local canal. Thats the problem, people release fish into the wild that may bear diseases, release non native species, etc. If youre hellbent on raising one in a tank just remember that there is a formula for how much fish you can fit in any given amount of water. Too much, and the waste will turn the water toxic.

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    I have heard of a few members on this forum having fun with flathead in an aquarium. You many want to do a search on this forum and find the old posts.
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    I had a flatty in a 75gal aquarium. Started with 2 of them, both were around 8" long. They fought all the time so I got rid of one. Flatheads are loners and will fight with any other species of fish. I have seen them in large tanks at Cabelas with other fish and I often wonder if those tanks are just so large that the flatheads dont feel crowded. I fed my flathead goldfish at first but it would only eat a couple and kill the rest. So I fed him cut shad untill I got rid of him.

    I rigged this tank up so that I could put the Big three species in it together, but the flathead didnt see it my way. I knew it wasnt going to work when I put a channel in it with him that was a couple inches bigger than him and he killed it over night.

    I now have goldfish for my daughter.
  5. massa_jorge

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    we caught a 4" flathead flipping rocks for crawdads and my buddy's dad put it in aquarium, 50 gal if i remember right. it didn't eat for a couple days, then went berserk on the angelfish. then it killed his little red and black sharks. then he had us let it go back in the creek where we caught it. we had flat river rocks siliconed together on the bottom of the tank, and any fish that came near them got beat up. i'll bet if you had a good hiding place with good filtration and the flat was the only fish in the tank, it would be great.
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    i caught a bullhead the other day and put it in a aqurium with some big goldfish "girlfriends fishtank lol" and it did good the first night. but the 2nd day i went to check on them and turned the light on the little sucker took off and tore the tail end of her gold fish off so i loaded him up and then the gold fish and threw them away and had to hear about it for the longest time. so guys advice do not put catfish in your girlfriend/wifes fishtank its a very big mistake lol.:smile2:
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    I had a flat in a 75 gal aquarium for over a year. Weight about a pound when he went in and made it up to 3lbs. He was not the only resident in the tank either. Some of his tank mates included an 18" Florida spotted gar, a 14" pacu, 12" red devil, 2 10" oscars, a reticulated sting ray, a large algae eater. All went well until I had a brain cramp at the pet store one day and brought home a 24" lung fish. Needless to say he didn't play well with others.

    If you are gonna try to keep one make sure you get a large tank and put some kind of structure in it for a place for the flat to hide. If you don't have a hiding place it will more then likely thrash around the tank when you turn lights on. Also do not put any thing smaller in with it unless you want it ate. I feed mine goldfish and blue gills.