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Flatheads in "fast/high " river ?

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We've got ALOT of rain in the last few months and the river I fish is usally 3 feet and slow this time of year. It has been at 7-9 feet for a month and shows no sigh of going lower than 7 , due to the the res. being over filled and let out as much as they can. So any tips to catch flat heads ? Though about useing a heavy anchor and parking my jon in the middle of the river and throwing out a couple line. Is it worth trying ? -Thanks
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The tails of outside bends where the current begins to pull away from the bank is my favorite sopt to catch flatheads. Especially if the bend has big rocks or rip rap in it. I anchor down in the current and fish the break on the edge of the fast water. The current dont bother them at night when they're moving. The best night of flatheading I've ever had was in a spot just like this. I remember the current was so fast we was listening to our anchor line humming all night.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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