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    I went to the gas station yesterday to gas up one of my work trucks. The sign said $4.89. The day before the price there was $5.49. There was a news crew there who came running up asking me why I was getting gas there instead of across the street where the sign at the 7-11 said $3.49. (These two places are always within one cent of each other.) They interviewed me about what affect gas is having on my business. I told them that I had recently gone up on my prices because the price of fuel. I sometimes spend hundreds of dollars a week on gas. When they got done with me, I went across the street to get gas, only to find out that they didn't have any! That's why it was cheaper. They had been out of gas for two days. It just goes to show you what Hurricane Ike did to the prices in just a few days. From $3.49, to $5.49, back to $4.89, in one week!
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    The logical approach IS to raise prices for services rendered, to compensate for fuel price increases. That being said, here in our area, the consumer just cannot seem to understand that. Work has slowed dramatically here.
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    I may be mistaken but It never seemed to be this way years ago when gas was right around a buck a gallon. Since gas hit 2 dollars and up it seems like the Petroleum Industry takes any and all excuses to jack the price of gas and the Media fuels it to some degree . I may be wrong, but never seemed to happen like it does now. It just is'nt right either way:angry: