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Flathead taste

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Man oh man...

Was fishing for blues yesterday, caught 4 nice sized ones. While eating lunch I threw out a bluegill head and caught a 12" flat. Kept it and cleaned it. Cooked it tonight and, WOW, might give up blues and go for flats. Best tasting fish I had. Ate blues and the flat, definite difference in the taste. :)

Anyone else feel the same way?
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I think flatheads are the best tasting, then blues, then channels. Bullheads aint too bad either, in fact if caught out of claer running creeks it's hard to tell bullheads from channels when you eat them.
The flats without a doubt are one of the finest eating fish that there is. If they have been cleaned and taken care of right there isn't any better eating fish.

I personally have changed a lot of peoples minds about not liking to eat fish especially catfish by serving them some deep fried chunks of Flats.

I read an article from the Fla. DNR that stated Flatheads are one of very few fish that are better eating the bigger they get. Schoe
Schoe said:
I read an article from the Fla. DNR that stated Flatheads are one of very few fish that are better eating the bigger they get. Schoe
Wow thats interesting. I never knew that. It's probably true if the DNR says so,but I never thought the DNR did tests like that...Even with that in mind, I still don't think I could eat one over 7-8 lbs. The contamination factor is what bothers me most!
I like flatheads better than the others, they just seem to have more taste in my opinion.
i ate flatties up to 50# and they taste , well, just like, but seriously if i catch a big flat i filet it just like any cat and when im done i wash the filets in a pan of clean water just like im washin clothes til the water isnt cloudy any more and if you have some big ole thick filets i take and slice um thinner and corn meal um up and throw em in the deep fry...if you guys dont like them big ole flat cats, filet um up and pack um in ice and send um to oklahoma.... :grin-big:
Going back over the information that I put on prior about large flatheads being good on the table, I mentioned that the FL DNR had put this out, but it was in an article I came across that the DNR was mentioned.

Here is a link to that article which is very interesting all the way around.

thats some pretty good reading there. so 8-9 years to get to 20-30#'s. maybe some of the police can take that to heart before they jump all over the next fella whom eats one. lol.
A flathead or a blue are fine tasting table fare. I prefer either over a channel cat....although I certainly will still eat a channel cat too. The key to cleaning and eating a larger flat is to rid the fillet of the red streaks or mud streak as it is also known. I'll take my electric knife after I have cleaned my fish with a blade and skim the red off by cutting off around 1/16 of an inch below the visible red streaks and then soaking the fillets in salt water for 24 hours before freezing or cooking....taking the time to change the water every 6 hours or so.
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