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flathead help

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i am new to cattin and i am wondering if the flathead likes the colder weather like the blue cat does, because this summer i went to a couple places on the cumberland with alot of nasty cover and i was using 4' shad and small pumpkin bream and nothing. i can't wait to hook one

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Blue cats like colder water much more than flatheads.I've caught flatheads in water as cool as 48 degrees,but for the most when the water starts dropping below 55 to 50 degrees they seem too get lazy.Not saying you can't, because I know you can,but mid to low 50's is geeting cold for the flatheads.Blues is another story,I really don't know if it gets too cold to cat blues.I've caught them in water temps in the mid fortys.
I have but it's not in great numbers.If I catch one good flathead on a winter trip I feel I've done good.I don't fish for numbers anyway. :D
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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