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    I don't know if any of you get the North American Fishing Club magazine, but there is a great article in there this issue about flatheads. It's written by a couple guys from Iowa or Minnesota I think. The article is very informative and I learned a lot from it. They mainly fish rivers and I mainly fish lakes so all of the info. doesn't apply to me. The guys also wrote an 11 page article that they sent to the NAFC in a contest for best fishing tips. It's available on their website at fishingclub.com. If you are not a member you can sign up for a membership and then just cancel later, but that will giv eyou acces to this article. It's under web extras and is awesome. It's 11 pages long and give details about flathead behavior with pictures of good day spots and night spots and details of some of their big fish catches. if you fish for flatheads in rivers then you need to check it out. see ya'!
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    I'm a life member of the NAFC, and as a serious fisherman, have found it a valuable tool. If you are going to sign up, you might as well give it a try. I'm originally from Iowa and with my moving from place to place have found it usefull helping my fishing styles adapt to new waters. And they have some killer cat articles!

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    hrmm, Glad you guys like it.. I signed up for a year (close to a year ago)..
    Been a pain in the butt for me.. First they screwed up my account and double entered me, then sent a bunch of "threatening" mail about paying them more money or they would turn me over to collection agency, etc.. Had to call them to get it straightened out. Then they automatically "entered" me into some book buying club.. Where they sent me a book and I could keep it for $XX and then they would sent more OR I had to send the book back... Had to box up the book and drop off at post office as it wouldn't fit in my mailbox... They constantly trying to sell me crap as I really get from them is "I've been picked to be a lifetime member", "Send my dues in early", or some add to by something from one of their sponsors...
    Their mag FOR ME, is ok at best..
    Their so called "Catfish Guide" issue consisted of no more than the story about the Wassink Brothers and 10 short tips that is pretty common, and a couple of different ways to rig.. The story about the Wassink brothers was interesting, and they sound pretty hardcore.. The "Catfish Guide" though, I've gotten more info from here in a bout 15 minutes reading than I did in that "guide" ..
    I won't be renewing my subscription. I bought a year for $12, and to be honest, I got a WHOLE lot more information for MY fishing for my $10 donation here... Think my next subscription will to the ACATS mag...
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    Thanks for fillin' us in! Much appreciated.

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    Tim you are right on, NAFC used to send me all kinds of crap to try;Dull hooks,stupid stickers and just alot of junk. I called them one day about 2 years ago for them to quit sending me all this garbage and it took about 45 minutes to finally get someone with a brain to stop mailing me all this junk. They are like one of those record clubs, or book clubs that try to sucker somebody into something you will never really get your moneys worth out of it. Y'all be careful out there!
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    A friend didn't renew his membership and they had a bill collection agency to send him a letter. His mother, sister, and wife all work for attorneys. The collection agency and NAFC both were sent letters on lawfirm letterhead and signed by an attorney threatening a lawsuit if my friend's credit rating was even slightly damaged. He never heard from them again. Pretty bad when that's what's required to get them to leave you alone. And the free merchandise to try- most people never get anything.