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    Hi guys, we went last night on the kaskaskia north of fayetteville to okawville to try to catch some flatties again and struck out. Maybe some of you guys can help me out. For some of you unfamiliar with this river, it's a small to medium size an the water is up, i'd say 5-7 foot an dslowly dropping. The current is pretty fast, but not too bad to deal with. I know i'm using the right equipment and i'm using lively 4 inch green suns and gills for bait. There are holes on every bend, with most in the 20 foot range and lots of wood in just about every one. For the past two weekends we have tried fishing the holes(which we lose about 2 out of five rigs in) and some of the inside bends next to the holes and a couple of the flats in between the holes. We usually give each spot about an hour, then move, we're also fishing from 6:00p.m.-4:00a.m.. All we've managed to get is one big run and a 20 lb. channel cat. I don't know whether to fish the inside bends at night aor still concentrate my efforts on the holes. I'm also using 6 oz. weights and having trouble keeping my baits where i want them, although they stay pretty well spread out. I've read books and watched videos onthis and i know what looks like flatty water, but am just a little confused on where i should be concentrating. I'm gonna keep at it, but i thought you guys might be able to answer some of these questions. THANK YOU!:confused2:
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    Paul just keep trying. Your efforts will payoff. I know I don't catch one every time I go out either.

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    Sounds about correct, about the only other thing I would suggest is more variety on bait. Shad, crawdads, bullhead etc. also this time of year in the kaskia you may just want to focus a few hours in some shallow rocky/gravel bottoms at evening or morning, other than that, it is like Dan says......
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    If it is any help the flatheads have just finished spawning on the big muddy. We have had a terrible time trying to catch any, we get maybe one each time we go out. They are skinny and not feeding very well yet. Some guys I was camped with had out a hundred hooks, trotlines and bankpoles they only caught two flatheads! Using live bluegill, cut shad and skipjack.
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    I fish for flatheads a lot. First off use as big blue gils as you can catch. Fish the holes during daylight but after daylight fish closer to the shore near the holes