Flathead Catfishing - When and Where to Start

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by catchinghogs, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. catchinghogs

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    With the weather turning nicer I am getting ready to start fishing for flatheads. This will be the earliest i started fishing for the flatheads.My question is should i fish the spots i fish in the summer time or should i check out some other locations. Where would flatheads be in the cooler water not far from the locations i usally catch them? I fish from the bank exclusively. The fishing has been picking up catching alot of BASS some of these fish are barely bait size.Any suggestions for fishing the cooler water greatly appreciated.
  2. catsmith1

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    Haughton, Louisiana
    Follow the structure for flats. Al the studies I have read have said one thing. Structure over and again.

  3. FlatGetter

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    Its moslty the same as summer but depth does not matter. Your looking for the biggest log jams (or any type of cover) and current breaks. One thing else the best bite is at sundown in the early season. I like to fish from about 5:30 to about 10:30.
  4. river scum

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    if you wait till after a good rain and fish the creek mouths you will really get into them. if you cant wait then fish the biggest jams around deep holes. after a rain is much better because they get consentrated in predictable areas.
  5. wolfman

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    Walter Flack
    From my experience fishing the Ohio river, the flatheads are more active when the water temp is above 60. You can catch a few in colder water temps but the action is slow. When water temps reach above 60 you can find them roaming the shallows in bays and coves of lakes feeding on shad,crappie and bluegills. In rivers look for spots with current breaks (slack water) or slow flowing current that have a lot of heavy structure holding baitfish. The tail end, (down current side),of islands is a good choice. After a rain or during high water conditions you find them father up the tributaries than where you normally find them. Good luck
  6. Boogie68MHS

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    Like River scum said, when the water is up find a tributary of some kind- in a lake a creek mouth and on a river where a creek feeds into it.

    Get some live bluegill cast them out and wait, but keep your rod secure.

    Good Luck