Flathead catfishing near barges

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by kat in the hat, Feb 14, 2007.

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    It's getting about time to start rounding up my gear for this year's flathead endeavor. I scouted some areas this fall that I think may hold some flatties with some advice found on this wonderful site. The plan is to set some stationary juglines near some marooned bareges. There is a notched dike with a huge eddy behind it. Water in the eddy is anywhere from 25-35 feet deep, and gets shallower closer to the barges. About 12 feet deep right by the barges where the water has cut out beneath them. There is current, but slower near the barges. There has to be huge caverns up under there, and shallower water. Anybody have any luck fishing this type of situation? If so, what time of year would be the best time to target this area? I thought about targeting it before they nest like maybe in April. Maybe they could nest right there. I have graphed huge fish in the area, but not sure what kind. They were suspended just off the bottom. Some were over 50#. Couldn't get any bites that day, but the conditions sucked due to multiple cold fronts moving through in the fall. I did catch a 15# flat there a few years ago, so I know at least some feed there once in a while. Whatdyathink?
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    Sounds like a honey hole bro .I work on the river was on the Ohio river for 2 1/2 yrs seen some barges sunk just like your talking about always got my blood boiling looking at them .There are 4 barges sunk right above Cairo point on the upper Missippi above 57 bridge one day I will fish them ...Slimy

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    Walter Flack
    Ive always had good luck fishing abandoned barges on the banks of the Ohio when I lived in WV. Best results came when water temp was above 60 degrees and before the spawn. Live bluegills,creek chubs and suckers always worked well for bait. Also had good luck in high water conditions on barge structures.
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    iv got an uncle that fishes a barge like that but his has a log gam in behind the one that he fishsthe water leave is about 16 feet behide the bardge an drops down to 25 to 35 feet in front of the barge i have seen some pic of some hog s that he has pulled out of there i would say give it a try