Flathead catfishing from the bank

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by Believer, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. Believer

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    Greenwood, AR.
    Ok, guys. I need some encouragement here. I'm new to fishing for monster fish & have yet to catch one. I've been trying though. I have used shad, blue gills & gold fish with no luck.
    My problem is that I am stuck on the bank. How many of you guys have had luck catching big fish from the bank & is there a trick to it?


  2. Memphis_Catfish_King

    Memphis_Catfish_King New Member

    this fish in my pic was caught from the bank ..try asking Ur local bait shop for ideal bank fishing spots or goto Ur fav fishing hole n just talk to ppl..or look for structure or deep holes if fishing a river ..u can tell deep wholes bye seeing eddies ,..im sure some these more experienced guys give u more info but this is what i do plus try throwing everything at them but the kitchen sink...lol

  3. liveforcattin08

    liveforcattin08 New Member

    i do all my fishing from the bank and do great, just gotta find the fish and put the time into catching them, i think most of the people fish from the bank, not sure though maybe someone could set up a pole and everyone could vote, but i dont nkow how
  4. kurt

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    If your fishing a lake look at you dnr site and see if they have a map of your lake. Where we fish there is an old creek channel that runs through the lake. IF yours dose to try and pinpoint spots where you know the channel runs through. If there isnt a channel try to find a deep hole close to some shallow flats, and cast between them. I think that the cats live in in the holes, and come out to feed in the flats. I fished for a whole year without hooking into a big one, then I caught two in less than a week. Also have you tryed fishing a river, or creek? We fish around structure in our local creek and there are some monsters in there.

    Just stick with it, and put some time in and you bound to get into some.
  5. wolfman

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    Triadelphia, WV
    Walter Flack
    Eric, I catch most all my flatheads from the bank. My favorite spot is a creek mouth that feeds the Ohio river. I see you are from Quincy near the Mississippi. Try to find a few retired barges pushed up against the bank if you have access where they are. I have been known to carry a step ladder in the bed of the truck to get up on these barges and fish off of them. I always scout out new bank spots during the winter when the there is no leaves and weeds blocking the view
  6. griz

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    Murray Ky.
    All my big Flatheads were caught from the bank, six of them from 40-50lbs. My son has two in the 50's also from the bank, and Bluecatnut caught a 57lb one while bank fishing with us. How's that for encouragement.
    I might add that all these Flatheads were caught within a 15 minute drive of where the national gathering is going to be held.
  7. river scum

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    hooterville indiana
    i second the creek mouths and log jambs! i fish half the time from shore and even been known to park the boat and fish from shore. probly 70% of the fish in my photos are from the bank.
  8. KansasKatter

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    Wichita Kansas
    I do almost all of my fishing from the bank as well. The only disadvantage about it over a boat is that if you aren't on the fish, it is much more difficult and time consuming to move and try to find the fish. To reach the channels we are all looking for, sometimes I have to wade out as far as I can and then cast to it, and free spool it back to the bank, I have had good luck doing this when the cannel is farther out than I can cast from the bank. Get some good waders, it is miserable sitting there in wet clothes waithing for a bite! :big_smile:
  9. santeecat12

    santeecat12 New Member

    i know what you mean believer ive fished from the bank a thousand times and hadnt caught anything big...i did catch a 3lb carp using millet...but anyway i hope you get lucky and catch something big.:smile2:
  10. suddawg

    suddawg New Member

    Myself and TA2D fish from the bank on the river where we live. It's a shallow river, but full of catfish and other species. We mostly get channels, but when we're hunting for flatheads we find some thick cover. But be ready for the strike, once they take it they're going to head straight for that cover.

  11. Supafox

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    Hannibal MO
    I fish from the bank and like alot have said "location,location,location".And fishing close structure does seem to be best.If you do this you will hook in to some nice fish.
    One time me and a freind of mine were fishing a spot by Clarksville Mo from the bank I had thrown a large goldfish right by a tree stump it was the only thing visible and it was only about 10 ft. from the bank.Finally bout 2:30 in the a.m. WHAM caught a 14# flat.Got him in and on the stringer rebaited with another goldfish threw it back by the stump put my pole in the holder and WHAM again.bout a 10# flat.Nothing else after that but those 2 were fun in about 10 minutes.Just keep trying and good luck.
  12. R Bishop

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    Believer I have had good luck from the bank. I dont know if you have ever went out and ran bankpoles with anyone on a river it is unreal. We take a 6 foot pole with some heavy string on it and stick it in the river bank a couple of feet at an angle so that the bait is just under the water and catch the heck out of fish. I would guess that most of the big flatheads that are caught are caught on bank poles, within 2 feet of the bank. Structure is very important when bank fishing for big fish as is good bait and patience. Good Luck
  13. s_man

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    south east ohio
    I have to second what Randy said. Most of your big fish will be caught right up on the bank 2 to 5 ft off. I fish rivers 99 percent of the time but I have friends that fish lakes and the same holds true. You do have to look for wood in the water, a big log, or a couple small ones stuck on each other or better yet a 100 yard stretch with logs and limbs sticking up above the surface. There will be a flathead under nearly every one, and if you place a bait in the center or upstream from that stretch you will get bit. Another thing about bank lines and why they catch big fish. You set them then leave, no ( NOISE ). Big flatheads will not come around if you are stomping around on the bank, playing the radio, joking and laughing,with a huge bonfire. Pick a likely spot set out some baits then be quiet. I hope this helps, let me know.