Flathead catfish

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    I went out last night to Rocky Ford searching for the big one. I have never fished for flathead before but I thought it was time for a new personal best; so I went for it. I was using bluegill about five inches long on a number six khale hook. About ten minutes after I got the poles in the water I had a bit. I have heard that they will chomp on the bait while running with it trying to kill it before they committ to eating it. So I had one running on me pretty good for about ten seconds or so and then he stopped running with it. I thought that maybe he was done killing it and he was getting ready to stick the hole thing in his mouth. So after he stopped runing I waited about three or four seconds and I went to set the hook. Nothing was on the other end though. Should I have set the hook while he was running? Can anyone tell me what I did wrong and how to fix it? Thanks for any help, CJ.
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    sounds more like a channel cat than a flathead bite to me..a bait that small most decent sized flatheads would have no problem getting it in there mouth..alot of times channels will grab it and run off with it.but have a tuff time trying to eat it.

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    I usually set the hook while they are in a good run with it . but it depends on how the like feels when they are hitting it. if it is a hard steady pull i would probably set the hook then. thats how i do it. there are alot of different ways
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    While fishing for channel around KDWP fish feeders I seem to notice that the little channel (ten inchers) will pick the bait up and attempt to quickly leave the feeder area. The larger channel ( 8, 10 plus pounders) will pick the bait up but won't immediately try to exit the area until they realize they have a significant problem involving some resistance.
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    if you are letting them run for that long that is probally too long they need to be pulling or they probally dont have a hold of it anymore. click over the handle if they are still pulling they got it hookum.