Flathead Catfish where paitence is a virtue

Discussion in 'LOCAL OHIO TALK' started by flathunter, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. flathunter

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    As my fishing season winds down, just want to post a little bit about my year, success and failure.

    I have been lucky this year to catch a few nice fish, I have caught 8 over 20-lbs..And 2 over 40...All total I have only caught 16 flatheads.

    Now some may think thats a great year, but I beleve I should do better.

    I keep a journal, I have fished 23 times this year, not much because of my back surgery.

    Several times I have caught mulitple flatheads, so I have been skunked roughly 50 percent of the time I go fishing.

    The spot I mainly fish is a hrad one to figure out, I may catch several flathead a trip for say 2 or 3 trips in a row, then nothing for weeks, then they are back on agin for a few days.

    I guess the challenge of catching this great sport fish is what keeps me going back, flatheads aint easy.

    I believe mature flatheads may only feed once every several days if good forage is avalible, so if if nice flathead fills his stomach up on a thursday night, it may be almost impossible for the working man who only has weekends to fish to catch him.

    Flathead fishing requires so much paitence, you are fishing for the top predator in the river, whos numbers may be few.

    In my opinion flatheads are influenced by weather and moon phase much more than channel cats..If you only have 1 day a week to fish, and things are not in your favor you may have many fishless days and nights.

    But thats what keeps me going back, if they were easy I guess it would not be so much fun.

    Winter is fast approching, during this time I plan flathead trips, buy tackle and think alot about the previous years fishing..I think I get as much enjoyment out of this, as I do the actual fishing!
  2. smoothkip25

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    Great post jack! Couldnt have been said any better. I have been fishing every weekend and have caught no flatheads this year! I started to get a little down on myself but i have also learned so much this year! I think i have def. became a better flathead fisherman this year without even catching any! I plan to stick it out and hope to get one by years end! If not i have plenty of time to plan for the pre-spawn! Thanks again Kip!

  3. Flootie16

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    very good post and well detailed. but why do you have to give up fishing for the year now? theres still lots of great fishing to be had. maybe you should try giving the bluecats a chance. They are much more active in the winter and are a blast to catch
  4. catfishjohn

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    Greenup Co. KY
    Thanks for the great post Jack. You've caught a lot more than me.:sad2::embarassed:
    My best flattie this year was only a little under 10#'s. I'm kinda sorta in the same position as you which you know. I didn't fish from early/mid May till sometime late June/Early July cause of my back. As far as #'s I've caught about 6 flats this year and about 4-6 Channels biggest @ 7 and 1/2#'s.
    The weather has a lot to do with all this around here I believe.
    I'm just happy to be able to get out fishing again though nowhere near like I used to!!!:wink::big_smile:
  5. stumpjumper

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    Dallas, GA
    Jack, I really enjoyed reading your post. I couldn't agree with you more about Flatheads. I hope you can get a couple more nice ones before the season ends.
  6. Catmanblues

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    S.E Ohio
    Thanks for letting us in on your good fishing year. Wished I could say I had caught that many flatheads. Caught alot of nice channels an just a hand full of flats.
  7. Mickey

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    Jack thanks for sharing your flathead season with us. Great review. Reps.
  8. brother hilljack

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    Shelbyville, TN
    Jack, very insightful post, thanks for sharing your summary/knowledge with us.
  9. misterwhisker

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    T. Bowl
    good post Jack, i also keep records of my fishing trips, things like water temps, seasonal paterns, moon phase,... ect. and like you i fish for fishin stuff , but that lasts all year for me, good luck to ya in the future
  10. HRCats

    HRCats New Member

    What a super post! Thanks for reminding me on what i've missed out on, working away from home sucks! Even with your back surgery you've still had a great year!! So i believe congrats is in order here! Hopefully on one of our trips it'll be your turn to man the dipnet!! :big_smile:
  11. jason berry

    jason berry New Member

    Your not lieing patience is the key. my numbers are down this year but plan on hittin them a few more times before its to cold.
  12. hunted

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    washington court house,oh
    i agree jack.good post.but,it is still a great season to most of us.
  13. Garrett Cope

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    Columbus Ohio
    Great Info as always Jack. You've had a heck of a year by any measure! Thanks for sharing your season us!