Flathead catfish - what about in a lake?

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    i appreciate the input from all the brothers that where kind enough to help a third year catman out but here is some more questions. what about in a lake where there is no fast movin current? does that change what they do or do they still do the samething?How warm does the water have to be before they start movin around again??and is it a good choice when fishin for shovelheads(flatties)to fish snags all the time anything they could get under or behind??or do they hit as good in open water?your input will be very helpfull to me. and i need more information bout the gathering next month i would really like to find some good river spots like SMAN was talkin bout.
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    Well...the first flathead i ever caught was from a lake.I was fishing from a dock.I was using live bluegill and i had thrown it out about 20 ft from the dock where i knew that a structure of some sort was at.The fish hit just as soon as it was getting dark.It wasnt a biggun but was a decent 17lb.I`ve also heard reports from a local baitshop that big Flats have come from the lake i was at.The biggest one was at 45 in.

    I think fishing in a lake is somewhat the same as you would in a river.Try to find structures(fallen trees,under docks,etc).These spots are prime hideouts for baitfish when the sun goes down.Where there are baitfish(bluegill,bass:big_smile: ,sunfish,etc)there will be a predator of some sort.If there is a small creek channel dumping into the lake...i would try fishing the mouth of it.Temperature wise..i think it would be the same as in a river.Hope this helps...

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    ive fished several lakes with no current and caught good flats....i normally fish around the dams where they tend to come up shallow at night
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    I like to fish them out of lakes in texas. I do find is hard to get one but they are there. I have seen alot of them taken by trotlines in 8' water. Night has always been the best.
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    Get poles out at different depths and keep moving. Try some set lines if they are legal in you area, you'll find flatties that way for sure. I like big goldfish, they stay alive for a long time.